Roing rises from the Himalayan foothills to the middle ranges with the highest point of Mayodia at a height of 2655 meters from mean sea level. Snow-capped peaks, turbulent rivers, mystic valleys and abundance of rich flora & fauna are a few attractions of the district. The district is well known for its largest cover of thick green forest with almost 80% of the area being notified as reserved forest, wild life sanctuaries or unclassified state forests. Idu Mishmi is the major tribe inhabiting this area along with the Adi Padam tribe in the lower plain areas. The Idu Mishmi tribe is also known as Chulikatas (due to their traditional crop hair). They build their houses on the slant of hills or in the forest. The roof is thatched with grass bamboo, timber etc. Their main festival is Reh. Their dress is remarkable for the wealth and beauty of its designs. Most of the dress is made by themselves from wood, partly from cotton and sometimes of nettle fibre. They also wear thick coats of black with white pattern made of nettle fibre and human hair.

The abundance of natural beauty, colorful and charming tribes, ancient archeological sites make the place a perfect destination for nature lovers, adventurous tourists, archeologists and anthropologists.

Things to do :

Day excursion to Mayudia : This unique hill 56 kms from Roing and is situated at an altitude of about 8000 ft amidst lofty hills, lush green forests and breathtaking landscapes which provide a panoramic view of the surrounding snow capped mountains and the landscape. The ascending drive from Roing to Mayudia along the winding twelve-necked point (Baro Golai) of the road provides a sense of adventure as well as close encounter with nature.

Bhismaknagar : Bhismaknagar which is 30 km from Roing is the oldest archaeological and mythological site in Arunachal Pradesh with a rich and ancient history. The ruins of the ‘Hill Fort’ made up of burnt bricks dates back to 12th century A.D. The fort which extends over an area of 10 sq. km., was excavated during 1969-1973 which yielded terracotta plaques, decorative tiles, potteries, terracotta figurines etc. Bhismaknagar finds reference in Bhagawad-gita and the Mahabharata. The Idu Mishmi tribe is associated with the legend of Rukmini Devi, King Bhismaka’daughter and Lord Krishna’s consort. It is believed that she was from this tribe. Popular legends and traditions identify the ruins of the fort as the site of the capital of King Bhismaka.

Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary and Lake : This sanctuary is 17 Km from Roing and is spread over an area of 281.5 sq km with varying altitude from 400 m to 3368 m above msl. Rare species of animals like wild duck, takin, hollock gibbon, tiger, leopard, red panda, and elephant etc are found here. A vast lake with crystal clear water and covering an area of about 4 Sq. Km forms a part of the sanctuary. The surroundings of the lake are extremely rich in flora and fauna. A walk around this natural lake is a divine pleasure.