Dibrugarh Place

Dibrugarh is the gateway to the “Hidden Land” of Eastern Arunachal Pradesh and Northern Myanmar. The Ahoms from Thailand came through Northern Myanmar to this area in the 13th century to establish their Empire which thrived in the ancient land of Assam. It is the “Camellia” town of Upper Assam, an undisturbed haven, with its rich tea gardens resembling a lush green carpet. Experience and enjoy Dibrugarh Tour Packages and the richness of these tea gardens while staying at the Heritage Chang Bungalows. These are constructed on stilts and are situated in a serene atmosphere free from pollution.

Places of Interests :

Namphake Village is the largest of the Tai-Phake villages in Assam, boasting of 70 odd families, who trace their ancestry to the great Tai race. The village folk speak a dialect similar to the language in Thailand and still follow the traditional customs and dress code of the great Tai race. The hamlet is also home to the Namphake Buddhist Monastery, one of the oldest and most respected Buddhist Monasteries in Assam. The villagers are Buddhist in religion and have a distinctive script. The monastery has a few well-preserved manuscripts of their religious scriptures written in Tai-scripts.

Jeypore Reserve Forest :

Jeypore Reserve Forest is a part of the extraordinary bird-rich Dehing Patkai Reserve. It offers many of the most elusive Himalayan species seen nowhere else in the country and perhaps the world including the Grey peacock pheasant and the Brown hornbill. It is not possible to go here expecting to see the particular number of birds as every visit is greeted by different equally impressive birds. It is also home to the very rare clouded leopard.

Jokai Reserve Forest. It’s a small broadleaf forest minute away from the Mancotta Chang Bungalow in Dibrugarh. Numerous low altitude tropical species are present here in good numbers- Small Niltava, Little Pied Flycatcher, Black-winged and Large Cuckoo-shrikes, flock of Pompadour Green Pigeons, Jay-walking Emerald Dove, Red-headed Trogon, Crimson Sunbird, Ruby Checked Sunbird, Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker, Black-breasted Thrush - During spring, rare cuckoos (like the Asian emerald cuckoo) and flycatchers can be seen here

Boat Cruise on the mighty Brahmaputra :

Cruise on the mighty Brahmaputra river in a country boat to a beach island in the midst of the river. Enroute there is a possibility of your sighting flocks of migratory waterbirds and the elusive Gangetic River Dolphin.

Haaj-Paar (Weaving Centre) :

It is a small weaving center located at Chiring Chapori, an urban locality of Dibrugarh. It has semi-sophisticated handlooms and employs about a dozen women weavers. A visit to this weaving center will educate you on how the traditional silk mekhala chadars are woven in various designs and motifs. They also make sarees from both Muga and paat silk unique to Assam.

Modhupur Village :

Located 28kms south of Dibrugarh, Modhupur is a small Deori tribal village situated near the river Brahmaputra. Deotis build their houses on stilts made of bamboo and wood planks. They wear hand-woven traditional clothes and thus in every house will have a loom.


Final Say :

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