Tezpur Place

Situated on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra, Tezpur is a beautiful and multifaceted city steeped in mythology and history. The city abounds in archaeological sites, hills, lakes and gardens enriched with mythological romantic story of Usha – beautiful daughter of King Banasura and Aniruddha - grandson of Lord Krishna that led to a furious battle of Hari Hara among the duo Gods Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna resulting into the flood of blood. Later this battle was concluded with peace and led to the union of Usha and Aniruddha.

Places of Interests :

Agnigarh :

A little hillock where Aniruddha was said to be captivated beneath the circle of fire is called Agnigarh i.e. hillock of fire. A landscape garden with exquisite sculptures, soft illumination and a cascanding waterfall welcome thousands of tourists to this memorial of eternal romance. The hill top provides a spectacular view of the Brahmaputra and the Kalia Bhomora bridge

Da-Parbatia :

The doorframe of Da-Parbaitia is the oldest specimen of sculptural art in Assam and its carving is characteristic of the style of Gupta school of art. It dates back to 600 AD. The figurines of goddesses Ganga and Yamuna on the Jambs of the door frame are enchanting.

Bamuni Hills :

The sculptural remains of Bamuni hills date back to 9th Century A.D. A cross- shaped bracket lintel ornamented with horned Kirtimukha panels contains the figures of 10 incarnations of Vishnu.

Chitralekha Udyan :

The Chitralekha Udyan, the most beautiful garden of Tezpur has impressive ornamental stone pillars, sculptural relics, water sports facility, lush green walkways and a small amphitheatre too. Here, the ancient and the modern co-exist in harmony.

The Ouguri Hill houses giant monoliths which are any rock climber's delight. The hill top provides a panoramic view of Tezpur on one side and the Brahmaputra on the other side.

The Padum Pukhuri, literally meaning lotus pond, has a lovely central island. A musical fountain and a toy train are other attraction in the Padum Pukhuri Park.

The Mahabhairab Temple believed to have been built by King Bana, has one of the biggest and oldest Shivalingas of the world. It attracts thousands of devotees especially during Shiv Ratri festival. Other historic temples in the vicinity of Tezpur include Holleshwar, Bhairavi and Rudrapada temple.