Bird Watching Trips In North East – An Absolute Delight For The International Travelers!

Purvi Discovery 23 Sep, 2017

Ornithology stems from the Greek word “ornithos” meaning bird and “logos” meaning knowledge. It has a long story and its study has helped evolve various key theories in behavior, ecology, and evolution. The northeast of India is famous for its exotic flora and fauna, making it one of the largest refuges for wide array of migratory birds and avifauna in the country. The lush valleys, landscapes, and wetlands make northeast a paradise for bird watchers. Today in this article, we will give a glimpse of the best bird watching trips offered in the northeast that can make any bird lover return to this amazing land once again.  

Assam – A global biodiversity hotspot!

Assam, the land of grassy landscapes and wonderful valleys dotted with lots of crystal-clear river and wetlands provide a habitat for over 1200 different species of birds. If you love watching birds, then our Assam travel packages offers a beautiful chance to see the birds in their natural environment. In Assam, Kaziranga national park is well-known for its luxurious green floodplains, alluvial grasslands, and evergreen forests. Besides, Orang national park, Pobitro wildlife sanctuary and Manas national park provide excellent birding tours for birdwatchers worldwide as well.

Arunachal Pradesh – Land of extraordinary richness in avian diversity!

India’s easternmost corner Arunachal Pradesh is also the land of the rising sun for the entire Indian subcontinent. If you want to view these beautiful winged creatures in Arunachal Pradesh then go for the Arunachal Pradesh tourism packages which gives you an opportunity to see wonderful birds in their core environment. Some selected places are worth mentioning like Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary, Sessa Wildlife Sanctuary, D’ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Namdapha National Park, etc. The western parts of the state i.e. Awang & West Kameng Districts also offer majestic natural beauty and monasteries.  

Tripura – Home of the Blacktail Godwit…an obsession for bird-watchers!

Tripura is a state of Northeast India, with an area of 10,453 km² and a wonderful habitat for migratory birds. Tripura is close to Bangladesh on the north, west, and south. Wildlife sanctuaries of the state consist of Sipahijola Wildlife Sanctuary, Gumti Wildlife sanctuary, Roa Wildlife Sanctuary, and Trishna Wildlife Sanctuaryalong with national parks like Clouded Leopard National Park and Rajbari National Park, shelters more than 100 species of birds. The beautiful environment of Sepahijala attracts many seasonal birds such as lesser whistling teal, white ibis, open billed stock and many others.

The trips of North East India travel plans have been specifically prepared for the die-hard bird watching enthusiasts. The variations of altitude, extreme precipitation, diversity of habitat are the factors that are responsible for the diversity and plenty of resident birds in this region. So, the next time you like to spend some quiet moments with these feathered friends, traverse any of these locations in the northeast and create an unforgettable vacation for yourself!