Discover the Abode of Clouds with Purvi Discovery

Purvi Discovery 19 Apr, 2018

One of the more important tourist destinations in the North East of India is the small state of Meghalaya. Through the political boundaries of the state are not that expansive, its unique position on the tourist map of the country cannot be ignored. Meghalaya, meaning the Abode of Clouds, is famous for its waterfalls and caves. These dot the entire state, with other diverse tourist attractions like the Living Root Bridge or the Cleanest Village in India, Mawlynnong.

The capital city of Meghalaya is Shillong. It still bears the remnants of a bygone era, with its beautiful churches and official buildings. The market place is throbbing with activity and you will find commercial products that define how modern civilization has made inroads into this faraway place. There are major tourist attractions in Sikkim, like the Elephant Falls. It is a tiered waterfall that looks beautiful just after the monsoon season comes to an end, or right after a night of rainfall. There are caves as well that you can visit.

A chief attraction for tourists visiting Meghalaya is Cherrapunjee, or Sohra, as the locals like to call the place. The name sounds familiar to you because Cherrapunjee records the highest rainfall in the world, especially a place called Mawsynram. You will find several waterfalls in the Cherrapunjee area, like the Seven Sister Falls. You can also visit an exotic world of underground caves in Mausmai Caves. There are electrical lights fitted to help you walk around in the otherwise dark, damp cave. You might find a bat or two flying towards you as you walk around! It certainly feels quite eerie down there.

The Living Root Bridge at Mawlynnong is another tourist spot. The bridge is made up of two roots hinged together over centuries. You can walk on the bridge and see for yourself how intricately the two roots are enjoined. Mawlynnong also happens to be the cleanest village in India, a distinction it has earned entirely due to the hard work of the villagers. The roads are quaint and beautifully painted here and there. The homes and the areas adjoined look well-swept and laboriously maintained. You will love the peace and the quiet.

Add to this the beautiful weather and clouds gathering even on the driveway and you have every reason to visit Meghalaya this holiday season.