Feel the Heartbeat of Tribal life of Nagaland

Purvi Discovery 7 Apr, 2018

A tourist spot isn’t just about scenic landscapes and beautiful landmarks. It is also about the people who live there. It is about a certain way of life that may be alien to yours. The more you dig deeper into remote locations of the world, the more likely you are to unearth a world that is far removed from yours. Tourists from USA and Europe want to visit North East India for this very reason and love to live the virtual tribal life of Nagaland. Cocooned as this world is by the Himalayas and a rough terrain, they are somewhat caught in a time warp.

A visit to Nagaland opens up this world for you. Home to more than 15 tribes, this land is as peculiar as it is exquisite. You will find this state a small dot on the map of India. Yet, you visit this place and find it an amalgamation of everything that is aesthetic in the world. The very different ways of life that people lead here is itself fascinating to experience. Different cultures, cuisines and convictions exist side by side on a daily roller coaster of a ride. Bordered by other North East states, Nagaland is where you will find something for adventure seekers as well as for people who would  want to sleep in the lap of the nature and surrender themselves to north eastern destination.

Kohima is the capital city of Nagaland and by far its most developed area. Even so, you will find the place to be outlined  with quaint cemeteries and churches and chapels. The official language of the state is English so you will seldom find it difficult to communicate with the locals living in Kohima. There are state museums to showcase the thriving tribal life of the people, with their handicrafts, models of their huts and even replicas of their traditional tribal weapons. Take a bit of a ride outside the city limits of Kohima and you will find yourself in green mountain tops and valleys.

If you want to explore tribal life, head straight for the village of Mon. You will find tribals with oriental tattoos on their faces, turning up in traditional costumes, usually warlike. Wood carvings are their speciality and you can carry mementos home that you can place on your mantelpiece.

Nagaland is a place for people who want to experience life more than landmarks.