What to Expect in Purvi Hotels in Assam

Purvi Discovery 19 Mar, 2018

Once you have decided to visit the North East, specifically Assam, you need to book hotels that give you an opportunity to stay right at the heart of this place. As you know, Assam is defined largely by the expansive tea gardens that dot this Indian state. In tourist destinations like Tinsukia and Dibrugarh, tea garden tourism is the prime attraction for tourists coming from faraway places like the USA and European countries. The hotels of Purvi Discovery have that centrality of location that gives you the chance to live right in the lap of these tea gardens.

Some of the properties owned by Purvi Discovery were bought from tea estates dating back to the British occupation of India. Several of the erstwhile tea estate companies of the British Raj decided to sell their establishments after the Indian independence. Purvi Discovery has acquired these properties, some dating back to the 1970s. After procuring them from the tea estates, we have worked on building up these bungalows and hotels with the trappings of modern luxury, yet retaining their deep connection with its roots.

For example, our bungalow at the Mancotta Tea Estate does not have any iron nails on the flooring! In its entirety, the flooring is done by wooden nails designed and built by Chinese artisans. It stands on stilts, locally known as ‘chang ghars’. The bungalows were initially designed for the residence of tea estate owners and managers. So, there is provision for every required to live in the place, with impeccable drainage systems, all developed with traditional knowledge unique to this geographical location. We have only updated the old structures to accommodate it for modern living.

Staying at our hotels and bungalows like the one at the Mancotta tea estate will give you a unique insight into the life at a tea garden, an obsession for many tea lovers across the world. The romance of tea gardens is among the most endearing obsessions. You can actually experience what you have read about in books about tea gardens in Assam by staying at our hotels here. These establishments have all the requirements of a modern life, yet rooted as they are in the strong ambience of a tea garden.

You should visit this place at least once!