Heritage Tea Rides in the Gardens of Assam

Purvi Discovery 12 Apr, 2018

You must have seen in some movie or the other how a tea planter would travel through the winding paths of a terraced tea garden on a horse. It presented such an idyllic picture that you were instantly drawn to the image and very much wanted to set a destination for yourself at some point of your life. At the very least, you wanted to take that trip through a tea garden of this part of north east-India on horseback. Now, with the Heritage Tea Rides packages of Purvi Discovery, you can actually do that through the reputed tea estates of Assam!

Purvi Discovery have a tour package of 9 nights and 10 days that will take you through the tea gardens of this part of North east India, and much more. The mighty river Brahmaputra snakes through the state of Assam before plunging straight into Bangladesh. Other than the monsoon season, when the Brahmaputra transforms into a scary avatar, you can course through the banks of the river on horseback.There are several tea gardens bordering the banks of this river, along with rural settlements and grasslands. You can take a lazy stroll through these scenic spots on our tea ride package. You can even enjoy lunch on a tree house!

If you are feeling a little concerned about the laidback nature of this package, how about some kayaking on this very river? Yes, you can voyage on our Dibrugarh-Rukmini cruise segment. Here, you can take a river cruise that drops you to an island. Have your lunch there and if you are up for the adventurous tour, indulge in some kayaking before returning back to the mainland hotel for the night. Next up is the Dibrugarh-Greenwood trail, another walk through the tea gardens in Dibrugarh.

As for the tea gardens in Dibrugarh, they are miniature tourist spots in themselves. You have something like the Jalannagar Tea Estate which has been around for decades. Here you will come into close contact with tea plantations that are responsible for the best quality CTC leaves. You will love to know the intricate details of tea plantation from the very experienced personnel who handle these plantations. They merge traditional knowledge with modern innovations to produce the best quality tea, renowned all over the world.

When you take this Heritage Tea Walk, you will take back cherished memories.