Living root bridge of Meghalaya – A natural wonder!

Purvi Discovery 5 Oct, 2017

The living root bridge present in the dense tropical forests of Meghalaya is said to be one of the finest human creations. The inventive members of the Khasi tribe had trained the roots of the rubber tree to grow across raised banks of streams running through the dense woods of Meghalaya. They have wonderfully grown over the period of time and are still growing. They are a stable alternative to wooden bridges that decay and destroy over time especially during the monsoons. Living root bridges of Meghalaya are recognized as world heritage site by the UNESCO. The marvel and charm of this man-made structure attracts tourists worldwide. Those from India can look for North East India travel plans and packages while planning to visit Meghalaya.

While exploring the root bridge, go easy on your feet!

Tourists can stay up in a hotel or resort in Meghalaya from where they can go for a trek to the root bridges. The double-decker root bridge is the most famous of all the bridges in Meghalaya. There are around 11 root bridges in the entire area. The trek is tiring and lengthy, but it is definitely worth the experience. Cherrapunji is said to be the wettest place on earth. Some might want to wear a raincoat but it would be better to wear as less as possible and let your skin breathe. The long journey would make you feel strenuous. However, comfortable footwear with good grip should be chosen. One can carry an umbrella. But it would be best to take as less you can because of the tiring journey.


This astonishing natural wonder is beautiful and one is bound to fall in love with! The other living bridges like the single decker and double decker root bridges are equally breathtaking attractions to witness! The surrounding village area is also a great place to explore. The beautiful landscape and cleanliness is really great to see. The adjoining village is famous for its ambiance and culture.


There are a few guest houses that offer basic accommodations. One can stay up for a night or two as the surrounding is simply spectacular! There are other waterfalls, ponds, and bridges around where one can go from the village. It is also possible to go swimming in the natural pools. International tourists also come to Meghalaya to have this once in a lifetime experience. They can look for North East India tourism packages offered by different travel agencies and tour operators to plan out a trip for Meghalaya.


Cherrapunji remains wet almost throughout the year. June and July is the peak time of monsoon. This rain continues till October. The rain generally starts in the morning. Summer is a good time to visit here. When there is scorching heat all over India, Cherrapunji would be a good place to be due to its calm and cool weather.

As a result, we can say that living root bridge is Meghalaya’s wonder as well as inspiration and shouldn’t be missed at all. You would surely treasure such experience of nature forever.