Manipur – The must visit place in your North-East India travel plans

Purvi Discovery 5 Dec, 2017

North East India will always remain unmatched in terms of its natural beauty, culture, unique cuisine and rich heritage. With Imphal as capital, Manipur should be included in your North-East India travel plans.


Waterfalls, Lakes and Floating Islands

  • The Loktak Lake, the largest freshwater lake in Northeast India is located a few kilometers from Imphal. It is the main attraction for all tourists visiting Manipur.
  • In the district of Bishnupur, one can find unique floating islands made of seaweed and other marine plants. It is one of its kind and a North East India tour organizer must include this place in their tour packages. The Sendra Tourist Home situated on one such floating islands which has become a tourist favourite of late.
  • Sadu chiru waterfall in sadar hill area is gorgeous and breathtaking. It is at a height of 98ft and consists of three simultaneous falls.

Hills and valleys

  • Kaina, a sacred place for Manipuri Hindus is a hillock situated 921 meters above the sea level. The temple situated here is of Shri Govindajee and considered to be a holy pilgrim site.
  • The Dzükou Valley is covered with exceptionally beautiful Dzükou Lily.


The wildlife of Manipur is exclusive as it is home to a variety of species that are not found anywhere else in India. The famous Keibul Lamjao National Park is home to various animals including the endangered species of brow antlered deer. It is also home to many other endangered species and is the only floating National Park in the world.

Heritage sites

The Kangla Fort is a historical site to visit, as it is a symbol of respect and remembrance of all previous rulers. The fort holds a special place in the hearts of the natives. The Khongjom War Memorial stands in memory of all brave Manipuri soldiers who lost their lives in the war against the British. These heritage sites show tourists the struggle and victory of Manipur and help one to take in their rich culture.

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