Tamdil Lake in Mizoram — Nature’s Healing Touch!

Purvi Discovery 25 Sep, 2017

Tamdil Lake offers an ideal place to be in the lap of nature. Nature seems to have a healing touch and an exotic spot like this which is totally aloof from the crowd yet easily accessible by road. Tamdil Lake is located at about 85 kilometers from Aizawl close to Saitual Village and is the largest lake in Mizoram. This can definitely be called an ideal place to be visited by any traveler. Tamdil wetland covers an area of more than 300 sq kms and covers a lot of thick vegetation around the lake. The lake is just not a tourist resort or a picnic spot but also ideal for the fishery and forest department. The lake is smaller than anyone can imagine yet no less beautiful. This place can be visited during winter as well. Mizoram Travel Packages will give you the best of the options regarding the trip you are planning to do surrounding Tamdil Lake.

Why nature lovers visit Tamdil Lake often?

It offers an ideal picnic spot and boating facilities for tourists. The word Tam is the shorter version of antam, meaning a mustard plant; while Dil means lake. It is an important pisci-culture centre by the Fisheries Department and has a holiday resort of the Tourism Department. A Luxury Travel Package to North East India will always include this location because of its picturesque view. The entire Mizoram gets enriched by this particular location and the travel agencies will guide you how to spend a day over here in the best way possible. Tamdil Lake is also a fish farm; you can also find lots of aquatic fauna consisting of fish and prawns. There are ample fauna in the forests around the lake like deer, bear, wild pigs and variety of avifauna. The visitors who come to the lake spend most of the time in boating and nature walking

Tamdil Lake – A precious possession of the Forest Department!

The lake is encircled by tropical evergreen and moist deciduous forest with species like Chikrassia tabularis, Sehenia Wallichii, Albizzia, bamboos etc. The aquatic fauna here consists of fish. Innumerable prawns are there in the lake. The forest can be called a den of some wildlife animals. Thus, it is very well evident that the lake is not only visually stunning but also scientifically rich enough. There is a Tourist Lodge available at the Saitual village at about 7 kilometers from the Tamdil Lake if you need to stay back for the night. Luxurious Mizoram tour package exclusively books this lodge for stay to provide you with an overall amazing experience.

How to reach:

If you are traveling by road you can take the National Highway 54 which connects Aizawl with the rest of the country through Silchar. Buses and taxis also travel from Silchar to Aizawl.  

So, if you are an ardent lover of nature, Tamdil Lake can be gem to hold onto your memory forever! An ideal place for family visit, this gorgeous lake Tamdil will certainly won’t leave you disappointed!