What to Expect from Kaziranga Travel Packages

Purvi Discovery 5 Mar, 2018

Kaziranga National Park is the pride of India in general, and the North East India in particular. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1985 and since then, the craze to visit this national park has topped all expectations. Thousands of tourists come to Assam every year from every corner of the globe, more so from Europe and USA. These tourists come here to watch wildlife in a natural habitat, with many rare and endangered species thriving in this closely monitored ecospace.

There are several Kaziranga travel packages that you will find on a cursory search online. However, you need something that will truly open up the beauty of Kaziranga in all its splendour, making your stay here an experience for a lifetime. Purvi Discovery is a reputed tour operator in North East India which understands that you are visiting Kaziranga National Park to view it in all its uniqueness and exquisiteness. Keeping this in mind, we develop our Bird and Wildlife travel package.

We understand that you would like to stay somewhere close to the national park so that you get a real-life feel of the conditions here. Our hotel bookings are done with this single purpose in mind. We will accommodate you in luxurious stays but all close to the natural ambiance of this place. You will not be divorced from urban comforts, yet manage to establish a close connect with the usual lifestyle of the people who live around this world heritage site.

Moreover, we arrange for safari tours around the Kaziranga National Park that will help you sight the one-horned rhinoceros, famous all over the world. This prized mammal has its own lifestyle and habitat and it is only when you synchronize your visit with their time to laze and move around that you can actually see one! Of course, this being their natural habitat, sometimes they stray onto the National Highway 37. You might actually see one of them as you drive by in your usual car!

Bird watchers will also have a whale of a time here in Kaziranga. Thanks to government initiatives to develop tourism potential for this national park, the natural surroundings of this place have not been disturbed. This is untouched, virgin nature with deep woods, huge elephant grass and marshy areas. This is a world in itself, something you will savour deeply when you travel with us at Purvi Discovery.