Mokokchung, one of the districts in Nagaland, the Home of the Ao Naga tribe. It is bounded by Assam to its north, Wokha to its west, Tuensang to its east, and Zunheboto to its south.

Places to Visit :

Longkhum : A vanguard village of the Ao’s in the days of head hunting, Longkhum is strategically situated at an altitude of 1,846m. The people of the village are hard working and the exquisite handcraft and handloom items are renowned for miles around. On a clear day it is possible to see the eastern Himalayas of Arunachal and beyond. The Ao’s have a belief that Longkhum is the resting place of the spirits of the dead on their onward journey to paradise. Local legend goes that a single visit to Longkhum is not enough and that the dead have to return to the village again to collect their souls.

Ungma : This is the oldest and the largest of all the Ao villages and the second largest village in Nagaland, next only to Bara Basti of Kohima. It occupies a unique position in the history of the Ao Nagas, for it is said that the whole Ao tribe founded this village when they first entered the land from their ancestral Home at Chungliyimti (now within the Sangtam Naga Territory). The rich Ao culture and tradition is jealously guarded and practiced by the villagers even today and the place is considered to be a living museum of the traditions of the tribe.

Chuchuyimlang : It is the village of festivals for the Ao Nagas. The Moatsu festival, based on community bonding, takes place here from the first of May till the third. During this period, the villagers expressed their friendship towards villagers by exchanging gifts etc. The tourist village established there is a showcase of this spirit of the villagers in the most natural and uncontaminated manner.

Mopungchuket is an Ao village. Legend has it that the village was chosen by “Mopung “ - a palm leaf in their dialect. The village is enriched with many folklore story depicted by Time-Pillar erected in the village. In the village, there is two monuments cum watch towers dedicated to Jinah and Etiphen i.e Romeo and Juliet of the village. Small museum, morungs are worth visiting.

Aliba village situated at an altitude of 1050 mts. on the Ongpangkong range is one of the most developed & cleanest villages in Mokokchung district. The prime attraction of this village is a giant Süngkong (log-drum as called by the Ao Nagas). This massive log 36 feet in length, and 6.8 feet in diameter, implying some 21.37 feet in circumference or girth is probably the biggest log-drum in the world. The echoes of pounding of this drum can be heard as far as Changki, Longkhum, Mangmetong & Khensa villages.