Mon in Nagaland

Mon in Nagaland – situated at an altitude of 897 meters above sea level, Mon is the home of the Konyak Nagas. Hereditary chiefs known as Anghs (Chief) rule the Konyak and the institutions of Anghship prevail only to the Konyak Naga tribe. It is interesting to see tattooed faces, wearing featured head gears and war traditional dresses. They are known for excellent wood carving, handicraft and blacksmith. Purvi Discovery is renowned tour operator for North East India and provides affordable quality Mon tour packages. Due to government efforts and cutting edge technology usage in tourism industry Mon tourism is booming from last few years, many local and international tourist visiting this amazing place every year. There are many tourist attraction in Mon however we have compile a list of must visit places for our visitors.

Places to visit :

Longwa Village : Longwa, 46 kms from Mon Town is one of the biggest villages in Mon district. It is an interesting sight to see. As the village straddles international boundary line (Myanmar), as one half of the Anghs house falls within the Indian Territory, whereas the other half lies under Myanmeres control. However, the whole village is controlled by the Angh (Chief), there is a chief Angh and seven Angh’s in a village and the village Council Chairman. There are four rivers running from the village, two rivers run into the Indian side called Tegi and Tapi and the other two to Myanmar called Tejak and Shumnyu.

Shangnyu Village :  Ruled by the chief Angh, Shangnyu village located at a distance of 28 kms from town is one of the prominent villages in Mon district. The huge and unique piece of wood-carving at the entrance of the Angh's house, which is believed to be constructed by two brothers with the help of the spirit, appears to be made during the metallic Age which measures approximately 189 feet in length and breadth, 14 feet hight-is now properly preserved in a concrete museum right in front of the Angh’s house. Now it is 500-600 years old. The memorial stone are also found in front of the Angh's palace. History records that good and friendly relationship existed between Shangnyu and Ahom kings. Shangnyu Angh used to collect taxes from all the villages under his domain ranging from Sibsagar in Assam to the Wanchos in Arunachal Pradesh.

Chui Village : Chui is an ethnic village located at 8 kms from the heart of Mon town that exhibits a rich Konyak culture and tradition. Museum depicts the old tradition of hunting skills from the arrays of skull of different stags arranged inside the Morung.

Veda Peak (PAK KOI) : Veda peak, the highest peak in Mon district is approximately 70 km east of Mon district headquarters. From the top of this peak one can have a clear view of both river Brahmaputra and Chindwin (Burma) on a clear day. There is also a waterfall on the precincts of this peak and this area is also considered as one of the best locations in the whole of Konyak countryside. Veda peak was the place where the British soldiers first erected their camp, it was the place where the British planted the first opium plant in the land of Konyak Naga.

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