Udaipur also  known as Rangamati in ancient times, called  the city of many ruins of palaces and forts. It was the capital of Tripura from the 13th century until the mid  17th century. One can still see the ruins of palaces  constructed during the Manikya Dynasty dotted in the vicinity of the banks of the Gomti River which is the largest river in Tripura. Udaipur city, the third largest city of Tripura is  known both  for its natural beauty & splendour.

Place to see around Udaipur

Tripurasundari Temple is situated about 3 km away from Udaipur town. The temple was established in the year 1501 A.D by the then Maharaja Dhannya Manikya. As per Hindu mythology it is one of the 51 Pithas of India where the right foot of Mata Sati fell as a result of the cutting of her body  with his Sudarshan Chakra by Lord Vishnu. On Diwali a big festival is held here every year  when lots of pilgrims throng the temple.

Bhubaneswari Temple is situated on the banks of river Gomti. It was built by Maharaja Gobinda Manikya (1662 - 76) A.D).

Kalyansagar Lake : It is 200 meter long and 150 meters wide lake which houses a large number of tortoise and fish. These tortoise are held sacred by the devotees of the temple and the shrine is also referred to as the Koorma (tortoise) Peeth.