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Fixed Departure Program - REH Festival
The North East of India is unique in various ways, including the lifestyle, the picturesque landscapes and the whole experience. Before you visit the North East, you will never be able to fathom how beautiful and enlightening your tour would be. All you need is a trusted North East India travel operator who understands your specific needs and requirements, not to mention some additional travel quirks! This is where Purvi Discovery scores over others in the market: we stitch tours exclusively for you, even when you are a part of a group


We have several salient features in our North East India tour packages. Some of the highlights include:
  • Wildlife Exploring: Assam travel packages or trips to other parts of North East India are incomplete without exploring its varied and diverse wildlife and birdlife. Our tours make sure you get the opportunity to soak it all in!
  • Himalayan Walks: You can walk down Himalayan trails that are centuries old and used by locals for everyday routes. The beautiful and enigmatic landscape accompanies you on these walks to remote destinations.
  • Tribal Festivals: The North East is unique, more so for the people who inhabit these areas. On our Arunachal or Assam tourism packs, you can explore the tribal regions, meet tribal people and find out about their life. This trip will give you memories to last a lifetime.
  • Tea Gardens: No visit to Assam tourist places are done unless you visit the world-famous tea gardens. This is where one of the best teas of the world is grown. Walking through the tea gardens is a relaxing and comforting in itself.
Visit North East India with us and feel the unique diversity of a charismatic world.