Dimapur is the commercial capital of Nagaland, sharing its borders with Assam. A vibrant city, it takes pride in its historical monuments that are now in ruin, but having immense archaeological value. It is the ancient capital of the Kachari tribe, whose rule existed before the 13th century AD. Reminiscences of the glory of this kingdom can be found in the ruins that are scattered in and around the town. These ruins give evidence of a culture that probably had a touch of Hinduism, but were predominantly Non-Aryans. Besides monoliths, Dimapur contains other ruins of temples, embankments and baths.

Places to visit :

Ruins of the Medieval Kachari Kingdom. It is just walking distance from the main local town bazaar. The remains of the broken pieces of stone pillars and other stone carvings can still be seen.

DIEZEPHE CRAFT VILLAGE : Located 13 km from Dimapur, Diezephe Craft Village houses weavers and craftsmen, deft in the arts of woodcarving, bamboo and can works. Under the guidance of the Nagaland Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited, this village has taken significant in these crafts, in the recent times.

North East Zone Culture Centre : It is 5 kms away from the heart of the town is one of many regional cultural centres established by the Indian Government to preserve and promote traditional cultural heritage of India. The North East Cultural Zone is one of seven Cultural Zones of India defined and provided with administrative infrastructure by the Government of India.

Others Attractions :

Handloom & Handicrafts Emporium : Located at the heart of Dimapur town, displays the finest collection of tribal shawls, handbags, wood carvings, mekhalas, cane and bamboo handicrafts and ready-made garments of traditional weaves, designed to modern taste.

Rangapahar Reserve Forest and Mini Zoo, with an area of 20.20 hectares houses a variety of fauna and avifauna making it a nature lover’s paradise.