Tuophema, home of the northern Angami tribe, situated deep in the central Naga Hills, is a tourist village resort and a unique initiative on community tourism with all the ingredients of a traditional Angami Naga village. It was originally called Hutuophema after the Erithrina Tree in the belief that the village will triumph over the enemies of war. Community based tourist resort is the main highlight of the Tuophema where twelve numbers of cottages were built and maintained by individual clan of the village. The resort is well located at the ridge that separating two sections of the village - New Tseminyu and Old Tseminyu. The Resort has a community kitchen where one can engaged and experience the lifestyle of the Angami tribe.

Things to do :

Village visit : You will be guided to the nearby village and introduce you with the man and womenfolk of the village. There is a small museum where sizeable amount of artefacts are displayed.

Festival : Sekrinye is the main festival held in every 25th and 26th of February. Here one can witness a ritual involved with the purification of every household materials. During the festival they organise different traditional dances of Angami and neighbouring tribes like Rengma as well.

Tseminyu Village : 15 kms towards north lies a village belonging to Rengma tribe. The whole countryside is located on gentle slopes without much difficult terrain almost the whole area could be put to use for cultivation, so the main occupation of this tribal people is agriculture and blacksmith. They practice both Jhum and terrace cultivation. The houses are made up of bamboo and mud. The granary is always out of the village. They are fond of rearing pig mainly for religious and social occasions. “Ngada” is the main festival here which falls in the month of November. A popular belief among the ancient Rengmas is that the spirit of the death visits their graves and the homes of their relatives once every year, particularly during this festival.