State Museum

Tripura Government Museum Establish 1970 situated in the heart of the town, it preserves some rare images, epigraphs numismatic evidence which throw light on the glorious past of Tripura and some of the adjoining States.

Tripura Government Museum is important to the tourists, students, general public and research scholars to know about the History & Culture of past and present people of the State. Most of the sculptures acquired and displayed so far are from Udaipur, Pilak, Jolaibari and other sites of Tripura Out of them, the sculptures from Pilak are the exquisite collections, depicting mixed culture of both Hindu and Buddhist pantheon. they are famous itself for the style and variety of theme.

The sculptures are mostly dated back to 9th to 13thcent. A. D. Most of the sculptures and made of sand stone and for that the formation of sculpture is very crude in nature.Low relief Dasavatar panels collected from Radhanagar in the vicinity of Agartala dated back to 18th cent. A. D. are the exquisite pieces of sculpture. From these sculpture we get local influence in their formation, style and anthropomorphic details.