Best places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh

Purvi Discovery 5 Oct, 2017

Tourism enriches us with knowledge of the topography & history of the country. A chance to visit places of interest keeps us enthused. People who love traveling do not mind the challenge of travel as at the end of the day, it is the experience which remains in the mind long after all the photographs have faded.

Arunachal Pradesh is the Orchid State of India’ bordering Bhutan, Myanmar, and China, and most of Arunachal Pradesh is surrounded by the Himalayas. Tours to Arunachal Pradesh focuses on five river valleys, thundering forest waterfalls, boating, rafting and angling. The following are some the best spots to visit there to quench the never ending thirst of visiting new places.

Tawang Monastery – It is the largest monastery in India and is a Buddhist Temple that looks like a fort. It was founded in 1680 on a ridge overlooking the Tawang River Valley. The Dalai Lama entered India through Tawang which makes it more important historically and politically.

Jaswant Garh Memorial, Tawang – This is one of the many war memorials in India and is dedicated to RFN Jaswant Singh who had single-handedly stopped the Chinese Army invasion. Truly awe-inspiring tale of valor!

Nuranang falls – It is worth seeing, and with water gushing down with ferocity, it is impossible to venture to the bottom. A river flowing alongside adds to the beauty of the Falls. On most days it reflects a rainbow which is surreal!

Eaglenest Wild Life Sanctuary – It conjoins Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary to the southwest. It is part of the Kameng Protected Area Complex (KPAC), which is an Elephant Reserve.

Apart from these, you will find many natural beauties of North East India enough to make your tour memorable. Our tour program gives you the best opportunity to explore the wonderful places of Arunachal Pradesh that too in a luxurious way.