Experience the Charm of Tea Garden Bungalows in Assam

Purvi Discovery 28 Mar, 2018

Have you stayed in a bungalow adjacent to a tea garden in Assam? If your answer is no, you have missed on one of the majestic and royal experiences ever! Tea lovers, and tea enthusiasts, all over the globe are charmed and lured by the romance of tea garden bungalows. Originally built by tea plantation owners, these bungalows have their unique charm and visual appeal. Tea garden bungalows in Assam are no different. Each has their own individuality and once you have stayed in one, you would give just about anything to revisit and stay in another.

Let’s talk a little about what makes these tea garden bungalows so unique. For starters, these bungalows were built by plantation owners and managerial staff working on behalf of British tea garden owners. Because most of them could not personally visit the location and comment on the architecture and designing, the decisions of the construction and blueprints were left to the commanding officers. The bungalows in Assam throw up an eclectic mix of architectural designing as a result of this liberty.

There is an odd mishmash of styles, combining disparate elements into the bungalows which made sure that not one of them looked like another! It’s a question of great joy and excitement to stay in one of them during a vacation. It’s quite easy as well to book tea garden bungalows in Assam, thanks to Purvi Discovery. You can also book hotels in the vicinity of tea gardens, with the same kind of charm and unique ambience.

As is obvious, these tea gardens were laid and maintained for decades. The older constructions were razed and the modern buildings went up with all the trappings of modern luxury and amenities. Yet, the bungalows of Purvi Discovery have not failed to maintain their unique charm and ambience, the original factor that pulled tourists from all over the world, especially Europe and America. There are packages that will cover your stay at these hotels and bungalows, along with tours taking you to the heart of the tea garden countryside.

Words will not be enough to describe the charm of tea garden hotels and bungalows in Assam. You need to visit once, more so during the peak seasons.