A Tea Lover’s Heaven at Chowkidinghee, Assam

Purvi Discovery 23 Apr, 2018

At the center of Dibrugarh district in Assam, there’s a place called Chowkidinghee, probably named after a brave and popular tribal leader by the name of Chowkidinghee Gohain. Over the ages and decades, the place has acquired the name of Chowkidinghee in a sort of merging of local dialects with the language spoken by the tea garden owners and plantation workers, usually British in origin and descent. By the very name of the place, you can get a measure of the world we are talking about here!

Welcome to the very heartland of the tea garden sector in Assam, probably the most prolific producer of excellent quality tea that is exported globally. Purvi Discovery has bought and renovated the properties that were previously owned and maintained by tea owners and companies dating back to the British occupation of India. Keeping the essence and the feel of the place intact, we have developed the properties to convert them into hotels and bungalows for tourists coming in from Europe and USA.

There used to be something called the Chowkidinghee Tea Estate some decades ago. The building or structure originally inhabiting this place has truly faced the ravages of time, including some deadly floods that washed away miles of Dibrugarh territory. You can witness its struggle to stand erect by dents suffered by the original iron beam pillars that hold up the bungalow. When you book hotel rooms with Purvi Discovery, or the bungalow in entirety, you will live in a place that is awashed with the aroma of freshly cut tea leaves wafting in from the tea gardens and factories lying around.

This is living in the midst of a tea lover’s heaven! The bungalow at Chowkidinghee has verandahs that are attached to the rooms. You can sit out in the balmy evenings while you enjoy the ambiance, with a cup of freshly brewed Assam tea. Tourists coming in after living busy urban lives seldom want to go back after staying for a night or two here at Chowkidinghee! It’s almost like a parallel universe to the otherwise urban existence that you find the world over. Once you visit and stay, this unique experience opens up to you.

Book hotels and bungalows with Purvi Discovery and cherish that experience.