Top 3 Reasons to Visit Tea Gardens in Assam

Purvi Discovery 12 Mar, 2018

For tea lovers all over the globe, they don’t really need a reason to visit the picturesque landscapes of Assam! They have read about the tea gardens dotting this state on the North East of India and the beauty of the gardens expanding over hills and valleys. For people residing in Europe and USA, the tea gardens of Assam have always been a must-go destination. For tea enthusiasts who want to know more about the process of making tea, from the time the tea bushes are planted to the time they are packaged, this trip to the hills of Assam will be very informative.

Other than these obvious reasons, Purvi Discovery gives you 3 top reasons why you should visit the tea plantations of Dibrugarh and Tinsukia in Assam.

Firstly, our bungalows and hotels located in this scenic landscapes offer the best view to tourists. If you want to spend some quiet time in the tea garden, you should check out our bungalows and solitary establishments through our website. You will get an idea of what’s in store for you once you visit this beautiful place. We have developed properties that used to be guest houses of tea garden owners and high level staff. So, you can imagine how close they are to actual tea bushes and gardens!

Secondly, you should visit the tea gardens here to know the local culture of the people in Assam. The locals who live in and around the tea gardens are a wonderful lot of people! You will love to spend time with them and chat away the time. They have a wealth of information about tea plants and how to grow the best tea bushes. A chat with the locals brings to light their customs and cultures. You can be a part of their folk dances and watch their street theatre. It’s a completely different life that you will cherish when you are there.

Thirdly, you should try out the local cuisine. We have bungalows with local cooks who can rustle up and serve local delicacies. These dishes have authentic tastes and are reasons enough to make that trip to Assam. What’s best for people coming in from USA and European countries is that Assam cuisine is not spicy, as it is usually in the rest of the country. There are unique flavours that you will love.

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